A fireplace or stove with beautiful flames gives warmth and coziness. Especially in high and wide-open spaces, such as living room and kitchen. Here is the stove an added value. Where should you keep in mind when buying a stove?

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An old-fashioned fireplace, is a pleasant and attractive element in the house, but it is not the most practical and environmentally friendly solution. the

With an ordinary fireplace disappears there namely a lot of heat through the chimney; 30 percent of the heat stays inside. In addition, open fires are quite polluting by the emission of soot particles. If you are a new wood burning fireplaces are going to purchase, is a wood-burning stove is a better choice. By the greatly improved technology is the emission of soot particles are largely of the past and the return is a lot higher.

wood Stoves

A inbouwhoutkachel is in a wall or partition built in. You can use the wall tightly, or there is a chimney in front of them. A inzethoutkachel is built into an existing fireplace, usually without the tiles. But there are also cast iron wood stoves, from classic to very tight, that you easily loose in the area. They don’t take a lot of space and are available in all shapes and sizes, with glass on the front side or on two or three sides. As they closed, the heat is better preserved than in an old-fashioned fireplace. Also, there are wood-burning stoves from soapstone that as a benefit that they get warmer and that warmth also hold; they glow even after the fire has already been extinguished. There are also pellet stoves that burn small pieces of wood, made of pressed sawdust and wood chips.

A popping wood fire is very attractive Smells good Direct heat, high efficiency

There should be a flue pipe to come You have to have the chimney every year to sweep to chimney fires to avoid You will need wood purchase Gas

gas fireplaces are there to coast and variety, of classic models and inbouwhaarden with a look ahead, to free-standing fireplaces with glass all around. Most gas fireplaces come with natural-looking logs. They are there with an open or a closed system: an open system retrieves the fireplace the oxygen from the space where he stands, with a closed system is the air from outside is achieved by means of a drain. The gas consumption is highly dependent on the ability of the stove.

You don’t need to drag in wood, and not asla to empty Easy to light with a press of a button Requires low maintenance Non polluting Gives a lot of heat

Less, of course, fire wood should a gas line be constructed, There must be a flue Electric fireplace

Also an electric fireplace adds to the atmosphere with a lively ‘flames’ and warm glow, even though he didn’t have much heat. Also, electric fireplaces come in all styles and designs that you can think of. And easier can almost not: a press on the remote control and he is.

No flue or wood is needed Everywhere to places where electricity is Inexpensive, Low maintenance turns on with a press of a button

No real fire, but the illusion of flames, Little heat is CV-stove

This is a completely different story, because a boiler stove will not only heat, but also for hot water and a cosy fire. A boiler that must be seen so. A central fireplace you can burn wood or gas.

cheap and durable, because he has a triple function Atmospheric with real flames

Warmteregulering is difficult You have both a flue and water supply required at the place of the hearth is Not easy to install High safety regulations environmental regulations

For the purchase of a wood-burning fireplace, it is wise to from the local authorities to inform the environmental requirements and plans for the coming years. For example, there is a lot of discussion about the fijnstofuitstoot of wood burning stoves. However, the current generation of wood burners a significantly improved technology with optimum combustion. In addition, the use of gas in long-term restricted; housing starts have often already no gas.