The research behind the correlation between substance abuse and violent outbursts has always been a hot topic among couples.

According to the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment suggested that more than 75 percent of people who began treatment for drug addiction reported having some violent outburst such as, mugging, physical assault, and using a weapon to attack another person.

As the researchers examined the gender differences the, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs discovered that before seeking any treatment for substance abuse, the number of violent acts reached 72 percent in males and 50 percent in women.

To conclude the study, scientist were able to determine that the aggression between two people in a romantic or sexual dynamic usually was “associated with heavy drinking episodes and cocaine use.”

Violence influenced by drug addiction or alcohol especially when it’s toward a domestic partner has become a huge issue around the world, The U.S. Department of Justice notes that abuse in a relationship is not limited to physical acts such as hitting, punching, slapping or pulling hair.

According to the U.S law, “domestic violence,” as a legal term, can also cover sexual abuse (rape, marital rape, treating a partner in a sexually abusive and demeaning way, and molestation), emotional abuse (intentional and malicious attacks on a partner’s self-worth), and psychological abuse (controlling the partner, blackmail, threatening harm to children, violence toward pets, and intimidation).

Couples who are struggling with substance abuse issues usually find themselves in a dangerous or domestic violence situation, around 40-60 percent of incidents of domestic violence, either in precipitating the abuse or exacerbating it involved some substance. There is a, and many are afraid to make the first step. Many couples who are struggling with addiction or substance abuse issue often find themselves questioning their relationship, or becoming co-dependent, especially when domestic violence is involved. This is why a website is making sure it delivers the most accurate and up to date information that allows individuals to understand the steps and programs that5 are available in their area. is striving to help those in need and save relationships that have been tainted with addiction. There highly trained staff is dedicated to handling every situation with ease and will ensure the best possible drug rehab program, tailored for the couples needs as well as the individual.



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