The vliegtaks is about 7 euros per ticket, regardless of the travel destination. It is going to be one fixed amount to the Tax authorities not to difficult to make.

That makes the cabinet Friday known. Previously considered the government a tax of 3.80 euro for flights within Europe and € 22 for intercontinental flights.

The vliegtaks in 2021 entered. The government would have preferred a European solution, but such an initiative will leave a long time coming. The cabinet organizes next June with other countries an international conference to look for a European tax, to later success.

it is Also considered to be a European tax on kerosene, there is now no tax on the fuel for aeroplanes. Here also applies: if there European no solution comes, then take the Netherlands national measures.

Cargo aircraft that has less noise, are also reduced. The government let examine what the impact of such a tax for the vrachtsector.

The fly tax affect 200 million to pose in 2021, the year that is entered. Although the coalition agreement states that the proceeds to lower expenses for citizens and companies, could the cabinet since Friday, no clear commitment to do so.

The tax is levied upon the airlines. That may choose whether they pass on to their customers.

‘Vliegtaks has hardly any effect on climate,’

Although the vliegtaks is intended for the environment, the government has not that the introduction to much less demand for air travel will lead.

Previously examined research agency CE Delft, commissioned by the ministry of Finance, ten different types of taxes. It was found that in all cases 95 percent of the travelers remains flying from a Dutch airport.

in addition, it appeared that the alternative is that the remaining 5 percent will choose not necessarily eco-friendly. As travelers which is to choose an airport abroad, or ‘moved the problem’. In addition, a detour with the car for extra pollution.

In 2008, gold in the Netherlands, even though a vliegtaks, but that was a year after the deployment was withdrawn because the measure is no money and the environmental benefits yielded. It also demonstrated that travellers as an alternative more often uitweken abroad.

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