The auction for the Hockney-paintings proceeded rapidly: Was the starting price in 18 million dollars, topped the bids after 30 seconds, the mark of 50 million dollars. After approximately nine minutes and a race of two by telephone switching bidders in 1972 resulting Pool was sold a painting for $ 80 million.

Including the auction, the price is fees of 90.3 million dollars (80 million euros). The auction house Christie’s said.

The shows Hockneys “Portrait of an Artis”

“Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures)” is one of the most famous works of today, 81-year-old Hockney, and has cult status. In 2,13 times 3.05 meters large painting of an elegantly dressed man stands on the edge of a Swimming pool, and considered a float, in the Background of an idyllic mountain landscape.

When the viewer is Hockneys former lover Peter Schlesinger, Hockney between 1966 and 1972 was in a relationship. In the case of the swimmer it could be a new lover Schlesinger’s, said Christie’s expert Alex Rotter.

The painting takes up two Central elements of Hockney: swimming pool and double portraits. Before the auction, Christie’s had said officer Ana Maria Celis: “We can rarely say: ‘This is the opportunity to buy the best paintings of the artist.’ Here it is.” Reuters/Christie’s, David Hockney, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures), 1972.

record-held until that day comes, the “Balloon Dog” of Koons

the previous record was surpassed a price for the work of a living artist. The record of the sculpture “Balloon Dog (Orange)” by the US artist Jeff Koons held up so far. It had been auctioned in 2013 at an auction in New York for 58.4 million dollars.

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