The American juweliersketen Harry Winston has 44 million euros for the pink diamond Pink Legacy purchased during an auction from Christie’s in Geneva.

The diamond is 18 carats and was once owned by the bankiersfamilie Oppenheim.

According to Christie’s, is the amount the highest price per carat ever for a pink diamond is paid. The auction house estimated ahead of time that the diamond is between 27 and 44 million euro would produce.

The jewel among connoisseurs as unusual considered because of his weight, and his intense, almost completely uniform color. Only 1 in 100,000 diamonds would such a quality have.

The large demand for these extremely rare diamonds has in recent years led to the fact that the prices have increased. The diamond Pink Star exchanged in 2017 at an auction in hong Kong for a record price of approximately 67 million euros from owner.

In 2014 bought Winston is also a rare blue diamond for 23.8 million dollars, this was renamed The Winston Blue.

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