The Recover
The Recover, a national publication of mental health and addiction news recently began the process of building a valuable resource for individuals looking for local drug treatment centers. A new directory for visitors will make it easier to find help in their local city. The Recover is planning to offer placement on their platform to addiction treatment centers early 2019.

When asked about the new drug rehab directory, a spokesperson from The Recover said “we understand there are many directories for consumers to choose from when looking for healthcare issues, but we believe ours is different because of our news channel. The Recover is trying to offer all the information needed for someone to choose the best type of treatment for themselves, or a loved one.”

By offering trending news stories along with informational pages the website appears to be different than other drug rehab directories. Currently, most websites that offer this type of information is either a government website that sometimes is not current, or a website that is a lead generator, as appose to a valuable resource for consumers.

The Recover has gained tremendous online traffic since its release less than 2 years ago. The website offers a news perspective that is focused on health related issues and provides non-bias mental health and drug news stories.

The new directory for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers will offer the ability for companies to “claim” their listing to make sure all the centers information is correct. They will be able to add the level of care they provide, and any amenities they choose to furnish to the public.

Each city page will showcase the top 4 drug rehabs in any given city with links to their website, and phone numbers for visitors to click on. The directory will also be mobile friendly to make it easy to scroll through on a smart phone. For more information about the new drug rehab directory, or to contact the company about adding a facility to the list of providers contact The Recover.