A new advanced therapy is making its way into rehab treatment centers and other medical facilities alike. The purpose behind the treatment is simple- to provide the body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

According to medical experts, Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme found in almost every cell in the human body. The sole purpose of these enzymes is to fuel metabolic reactions forward, similar to the way gas powers a car. If the body did not have the NAD cells, the human body cells would not be able to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids. This is the main reason NAD plays a primary role in the way gene expression is linked to age-related conditions.

The term NAD IV therapy is a new treatment that utilizes the healing and medical benefits that the vitamins posses. The procedure has proven countless times to be outstanding therapy. Many see this therapy as a new beginning and the light in the dark they have been looking for. People suffering from addiction, age-related, and chronic fatigue all report amazing results following the treatment.

‚ÄčThe reason behind the IV steams from the facts that when people are administered a high dose of NAD straight into their bloodstream, compared to other trading routes, it allows for a faster and more effective outcome. The quick high dose will quickly level out the NAD level and recharge the engine within those cells. The mitochondrion will then produce more energy directly to the brain.

Typically the Iv therapy can last from 4 to 14 days, depending on the patient’s condition and the individual’s goal. Experts caution that the NAD IV be administered by a qualified doctor who is certified in providing the NAD treatment, due to the specific protocols involved.

NAD an NADH are generally used in redox reactions to create energy within your cells. Part of this process is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates, or sugar. However, if the body is flooded with surgery, the cells start to, which leads to an overload of NADH. Studies have linked back excessive NADH to multiple metabolic conditions.

For example, diabetes is a condition linked to the overload of NADH. According to multiple studies, “mice with elevated sirtuins were less likely to become diabetic, and were at a decreased risk of fatty liver disease.” It is essential to remember; IV NAD therapy won’t be able to lower your blood glucose levels, although it does have the same effect as calorie restriction.

The benefits from IV NAD therapy go without saying and have been proven over and over again to be successful! The idea behind a better mind and healthier body is what drives people to NAD Therapy.