check daily posts on reliability. Assertion: “From breakfast with ice cream you will become smarter.”

You must be this cold, might not think about, but according to Grazia, is eating ice cream for breakfast is beneficial for your brain; you, according to Japanese research, namely smarter. But is it really a good idea to have in the morning to the refrigerator to walk for your daily serving of vanilla or chocolate ice-cream?

Where does it come from?

The message that it served as a good ice for your intelligence would be his, went in november 2016, for the first time, the world over. In the Netherlands, published in Metro and about this Japanese study. It is likely that the Dutch media this message of English-language newspapers adopted.

The first English version of this message was most likely from The Independent. The source of this message was a Japanese news website. According to the Japanese article is on research carried out by professor Yoshihiko Koga of the Kyorin University. However, the study is nowhere to be found and seems not to be published in a scientific journal. the Kyorin University for more information about the research are asked, but received no reply.

In the Japanese news article says that the research in collaboration with a food producer is done. From the study it was found according to the message that people who ice had eaten then a higher response time and information to better handle the people that no ice had eaten.

Or the ice the first meal of the day was and whether the group, which is not ice cream at something else had eaten, the article is not clear. The researcher argues in the piece that a glass of ice-cold water is less good works than ice cream, where fat and sugar in it.

is it True?

It is not to continue, or the study of Yoshihiko Koga well executed. But it is likely that you are smarter is ice cream for breakfast?

Susanna la Fleur, professor of Neurobiology of energy Metabolism, writes to it is known that breakfast in general is good for the (school)performance. “There is no nutrient to be pointed out that here is responsible for. Probably it is so energy intake in general, that makes people perform better.”

for instance brain researcher Paul Smeets of Wageningen University and Research writing to that sugar can help with mental performance. “Glucose is the fuel of the brain, and especially glucose, so a direct positive effect on mental performance. Table sugar is about half glucose.”

That ice energy delivers is probably the reason that people performed better with ice cream full of fat and sugar for breakfast with a glass of ice water on. In water there is no energy. But a usual, healthy breakfast also contains nutrients which provide energy.

And then it seems that still a more intelligent choice than ice cream for breakfast. La Fleur explains that sugar, although it fits within a healthy diet, but that you already have enough sugar intake through varied diet. “Therefore, it is best to sugars in foods that have no fiber – such as ice cream, alcohol and soft drinks – as much as possible, to avoid.”

Whether it is still matter whether you have a cold or a hot breakfast to eat, we do not know. Smith writes that he can imagine that remarkably cold or hot food makes you more alert, but this makes you, of course, not necessarily smarter.


It is likely that people who in the morning a bowl of ice-cream have eaten perform better on mental tests than people who only have a glass of cold water have been drunk, but that is because ice energy delivers and cold water. Breakfast you now have a peanut butter sandwich or a bowl of yogurt, then going to breakfast with ice there is most likely not for sure that you are mentally better performance.

For this reason, we evaluate the statement, “of good ice cream, you become smarter” as mostly false .

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